This new series for ID examines twisted couples who are willing to do anything in the name of love.  Every one-hour show explores the relationship dynamics between two lovers and how, together, they caused one another to spiral out of control and eventually carry out the most gruesome crimes.

Like Bonny & Clyde, these couples were willing to risk everything to be together. But when their world came crashing down, they lost more than the relationship—they lost their freedom.

Each episode features interviews with both perpetrators, often from their separate prison cells.  Love Kills is the only non-fiction crime series on TV that presents interviews with two perpetrators from a single crime.  Each one-hour show also features Indigo Films’ signature dramatic re-enactments.  

In recounting each story, we find out what drew the two together in the first place and what caused them to turn to a life of crime together. Would they have committed the crimes on their own? Or did a toxic chemistry take them down that path?

We hear firsthand what happened during the planning and execution of the crime. Whose idea was it? Who took the fall? And most importantly, are they still in love?