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Seeking Amazing Weight-loss Stories For A New TV Series

Gaining hundreds of pounds doesn't happen overnight, and neither does losing it. We want to tell your trials and triumphs with weight loss. 

Whether due to surgery, lifestyle changes or a combination of it all, if you were 400+ pounds overweight and have lost a significant amount of weight, we want to hear your transformation story. Your weight loss journey must be well-documented with photos and videos.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please email your Name, Age, current City/State, Heaviest and Current Weights, before & after photos, and briefly tell us your story. 

Bush Pilots & Cub Pilots For NEW TV Series

Do you and your team of pilots fly into some of the most remote areas of the country? Does your company provide supplies or services to towns that otherwise would have no outside contact?

Now casting nation-wide looking for Pilots and aviation companies whose day to day is anything but ordinary! Email us a brief summary about yourself, including your current City/State. 

Looking for Real-Life Archaeologists Or Explorers for New Series.

Now looking for hosts for a new exploration travel series for a major cable network. 

Do you have a passion for unearthing the unknown and a penchant for adventure? Have you dedicated your life to investigating ancient cultures? Are ancient curses and hexes a guilty pleasure or are you passionate for unearthing the truth behind myths? If any of these describe you, email us a brief summary about yourself, including your current City/State.

Now Casting for people with extremely dangerous jobs

Does your job require you to be fearless? Do you work in a field that is essential but asks you to take extreme personal risks? Now casting nation-wide for people where life and limb are on the line from the moment you clock in. If your day job is anything but ordinary we want to hear from you! Email us a brief summary about yourself, what your job entails, and your current City/State. 

SEEKING Experts in Landscaping, House Flipping, and Custom Home Builders For NEW TV Series

Now seeking  experts in Home Building and Landscaping. 

Does your company have a unique niche or style no one else can fulfill? Have you mastered making outdoor spaces a vital extension of the home and not just an accessory? Does your company give a whole new meaning to curb appeal? If your team has knowledge, experience, charisma and genuine desire to share your ideas with the world, we want to hear from you.Email us a brief summary about yourself, your company, and your current City/State. 

Now Casting Real-Life Detective Duos for New True-Crime Series

Seeking real-life homicide detective partners for new TV series.

Are you a homicide detective or former homicide detective with a track record of solving the toughest cases? Do you and your partner make those True Detective guys look like punks? If no one can solve a case, are you and your partner the go-to team? 

If this sounds like you, we want to hear your story! For more details contact us today! Email us a brief summary about yourself, including your current City/State. 

Indigo Films, or any representative of the company, does not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, scripts, or other material.