DeCarol Deloney Cain: 'Love Kills' Details Indiana Flight Attendant Murder by Daughter Alyssa Barrett

DeCarol Deloney Cain’s brutal killing will be recounted on an episode of Love Kills on Investigation Discovery. DeCarol Deloney Cain was savagely murdered by Damarius McGriggs (Damarius Wren) and Alyssa Barrett. Alyssa is DeCarol’s daughter. Damarius was Alyssa’s boyfriend. Authorities say the flight attendant was killed three years ago in Crown Point, Indiana, because she wanted her pregnant teen daughter to have an abortion and dump her boyfriend. Today, both McGriggs and Barrett are serving time in prison. The episode title for tonight’s Love Kills is “Matchmaker to Murder.”


DeCarol Deloney Cain, 54, loved her job as a flight attendant for United Airlines. Everyone who knew her said that she was a friendly person who loved to talk. Always striking up conversations with those around her, she never held back on the details of her personal life, a friend and coworker stated.

However, authorities say that at DeCarol’s home, the situation was less amicable since she was raising a teen daughter who had grown rebellious over the years. In the early days, Alyssa Barrett was a bright-eyed young girl who adored her mother. Even after her parents’ divorce she had a good relationship with her mother and her biological father. For a while, DeCarol raised Alyssa all on her own, until she decided to remarry.

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This is when the real trouble started. Alyssa Barrett was used to the beautiful gifts her mother lavished upon her. She was also used to getting her way. However, DeCarol Deloney Cain’s new husband didn’t agree. He believed that she needed more rules and more structure, something that Alyssa began to resent.

To get rid of him, Alyssa made up a story to social services, indicating that her stepfather had been abusing her. Eventually, it came out that she had made the entire story up. Still, that was enough to send the stepfather packing.

When he left, Alyssa thought she would be free again. And when she got her first real boyfriend, 19-year-old Damarius McGriggs, it was pure heaven for the 17-year-old girl. Their relationship started quickly and ignited into a full blown sexual relationship. Just two months later, Alyssa Barrett had to tell her mother that she was pregnant. This infuriated DeCarol Cain, causing her to demand that her daughter get an abortion and dump her boyfriend, according to the Daily Mail.

Living with the threat of an abortion and a break-up, the young couple took matters into their own hands and lured DeCarol Deloney Cain down to the basement after they shut off the electricity at the home.

DeCarol Cain had no idea that she was walking down the stairs to her death. Authorities say when she got to the bottom of the stairs, Damarius McGriggs came out of nowhere and put a pillow case over her head. Then he beat and stabbed the flight attendant in the chest while Alyssa Barrett watched.

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After the murder, Damarius Rashard McGriggs, aka Damarius Rashard Wren, put the body in a bag and wrapped it up. Alyssa called two other friends to help. Police say they dumped DeCarol’s body in her car trunk and stacked her luggage on top of it. They later dumped the corpse and the car in Gary, Indiana, where it was found three days later.

Police say bank records and cell phone records helped place the two teen killers at the scene of the crime and at the bank, where they withdrew money from DeCarol Deloney Cain’s account, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Prosecutors say the baby and their love were the most important things in life to Damarius and Alyssa. Yet, they didn’t think about what would happen if they were caught. Alyssa Barrett is serving a 50-year sentence. Damarius McGriggs was sentenced to 40 years.

Alyssa Barrett had the baby in prison. A family member is raising the child.

Love Kills airs tonight on Investigation Discovery.