This Dog's Best Friend? A Rat

One dog's dinner is another's best friend.

Such is the case for Cooper, a coon dog who'd normally prey on small rodents like Olivia. Instead, he and the humble rat have formed a charming relationship.

Cooper is a breed of dog that is used in hunting small mammals, Naturalist David Mizejewski told HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski in an appearance with the two animal pals. "Rats, of course, are on the menu for a lot of predatory species, so they're generally not going to a form a friendship."

Olivia and Cooper, both of whom will be featured on this season of Nat Geo Wild's "Unlikely Animal Friends" series, are "special" outliers from their species, and have forged a close bond.

"These guys are great friends," Mizjewski added. "...They are life buddies."