Real Screen Viewpoint: Our future in the Wild West


In advance of the upcoming Stream Market and conference, taking place June 2-3 in Santa Monica, and Realscreen West, taking place immediately afterward from June 4-5 and featuring a special session on Digital Dollars and SenseIndigo Films founder and CEO David Frank offers his take on what it means to be a content provider in the ever-evolving digital age.

Just when I had finally figured out the future of TV and strategically nailed down the details of my company’s 10-year plan, everything changed. And I’m sure it will change again – probably by the time you get to the third paragraph of this article. That’s how fast the world of non-fiction programming is moving. I bought a Roku flash drive a few months ago and was amazed by the over-1000 channels – and no monthly cable fee! I called my provider to cancel my cable, but don’t worry, fellow network colleagues – I didn’t go through with it. They wanted more money to downgrade. READ MORE >>