INDIGO FILMS is an award-winning independent television production company with a long-standing reputation for developing and producing exceptional programming across a wide variety of genres. Founded in 1997 by David M. Frank, Indigo Films has grown since then to become a leader in non-fiction television. From high-end recreations to action packed cinéma vérité – our programs demonstrate the best in dramatic story telling and visual entertainment.

For the past 20 years, Indigo Films has significantly expanded the range of non-fiction genres and formats, producing popular shows for a variety of networks including Investigation Discovery’s highly rated series, I (Almost) Got Away With It, now in its 8th season.  We also produce the popular shows Wives with Knives and Unlikely Animal Friends, also in its 5th season. Other successful Indigo Films productions include Travel Channel’s World Access and America Declassified: Extra Intel as well as Insane Coaster Wars and Bikinis & Boardwalks. In addition, we’ve recently produced Secrets of America's Favorite Places for Discovery Family and three pilots for National Geographic WILDWorld's Funniest Dogs, Super Underdogs and World's Greatest Dogs.

Indigo Films is currently in production on a variety of new series, including Amanda to the Rescue for Animal Planet.

At Indigo Films, we emphasize dynamic storytelling based on real people, real events, and real lives. We accomplish this by employing some of the most talented producers, writers, directors, editors, developers, and graphic designers in the industry. Our teams create and develop innovative concepts that offer viewers a new take on common topics, told from an original perspective and employing unique visuals. We use cutting edge technology such as drones and high-speed cameras. At every step of the way, we add groundbreaking production styles to heighten visual drama.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Indigo Films is one of the leading non-fiction production companies in the country. Year after year, our catalog continues to grow and diversify, as we create relevant programming for cable and the emerging digital networks.


We are a 7-time      Global 100   production company